Identifying the offshore industry's growing need for outsourcing transcription services, Enter Technologies Pvt Ltd invested in resources capable of addressing the needs of the ITES industry. Entertech currently provides quality transcription services to large physician practices and hospitals, claims settlement and origination industry. The company is also engaged in discussions with foreign clients of high potential offshore processes such as utilities, airlines, pharmaceuticals, hi-tech, automotive and telecom industries. Headquartered in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, our business specific processes have helped customers to make huge revenue gains, but not with compromising in quality. Our processes provide quality transcription services by converting medical and business dictations into formatted electronic records that healthcare and claims providers use for patient care and claim settlement. We support a twenty-four-hour, seven-days-a-week operation providing continuous transcription coverage.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to providing timely, accurate medical and business transcription services with guaranteed turn-around time. Our in-house software team works on Data mining and Audio processing techniques. It is this unique blend of cutting edge technology and the best available human resources that helps us attain such high standards in our field. Our cost of services provided is based on a per-line charge with a cost below that of larger medical and business transcription companies providing the same service.

Apart from Medical and Business Transcription services, our core competencies include Finance BPO and Document Processing System. The services of Entertech are ideal for companies in the areas of Content Development, Content Aggregation, Electronic Exchanges, Electronic Catalog Developers, B2B Exchanges, Data Capture, Data Entry from papers and images, etc. Entertech has successfully completed projects which include High Volume Offshore Data Entry, OCR conversions, CAD Conversions, Maps Digitization etc.

To ensure that work of the highest quality is delivered to its customers, Entertech utilizes its own unique methodology to define and implement services. One of the key competitive advantages of Entertech is the focus on recruiting, grooming, and retaining quality people who would ramp up quickly, require minimum amount of supervision and are always an asset to their teams. When it comes to choosing between numbers and quality, Entertech has always chosen the latter.


To provide cost-effective and reliable services to our clients across the globe and to maintain the highest quality and delivery standards that guarantee customer delight.

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