Medical Transcription

What is Medical Transcription?

In western countries especially in the US, the entire healthcare industry is based on insurance and detailed medical records, which form the basis for processing insurance claims. Medical practice is also bound by a very strict code of ethics and statutes. Medical transcription involves the translation of highly technical and confidential information from oral to written form. Medical transcriptionists create a legal document out of a patient's medical record, history, diagnosis, prognosis and outcome. The job requires proofreading and editing skills, excellent auditory skills, above-average knowledge of the English language, good judgment, analytical skills, versatility in the use of equipment, and extensive medical knowledge.

Who can become a Medical Transcriptionist?

The basic requirement of a transcriptionist is a good command over English.

Why Entertech?

At Enter we are proud of our reputation of being among the best in the IT Enabled Services industry. Our dedication to innovation and commitment to our customers and employees enable us to attract and build a talented, highly qualified, and diverse workforce. When you become part of the Entertech team, your potential is unlimited. Salaries offered by us are commensurate with your qualification, skills and experience. We strive to ensure that the remuneration we offer is competitive with comparable employers in the public and private sectors. Salary increases are performance-based and are linked to the performance assessment procedure. We offer one of the most congenial working environments in the industry as a whole.

How can I join the Entertech team?

At Enter we have our own Medical Transcription Training Division that enables us to identify the right talent to assure a steady supply of qualified transcriptionists for our own Transcription division. The comprehensive training program covers American English, Medical Terminology, Transcription theory and Practical Transcription. The course lasts 4 months. Just completing the course, however, does not guarantee your place in the Entertech team. For that you will have to meet the Entertech selection criteria. Those who are trained in other reputed institutes are also absorbed after proper screening and evaluation.

Does this industry have a future?

Medical Transcription is growing at a staggering rate of 10% per year, and the need for qualified transcriptionists is increasing at the same rate (around 30,000 to 35,000 transcriptionists are needed every year). With the emergence of India as the single largest player in this field, most of these Transcriptionists will be from here.

Can good Voice Recognition Software replace a Transcriptionist?

Currently, Voice Recognition Software is in its initial stages of development. After some years, even if this software is perfected, it would only be useful as a tool in enhancing the productivity of a Transcriptionist. It can never be a substitute for the human factor in Transcription.


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